My Weekend In 5 Pics…

The 95 WIIL ROCK Tom & Emily Morning Show presents Tom’s weekend in just 5 pictures…


Had a GREAT time at the 5:01 Club Party on Friday at the Prairie House Tavern… Until that bastard Ed Hammer bought MALORT shots.  Join us for this week’s 5:01 Club Party, get all the details HERE.


I was given pickles from NorthStar Pickle Company at the 5:01 Club Party.  GREAT pickle!


I made sirloin tip roast in my Foodi Ninja on Saturday night on #CookingWithTom.  If you don’t have a Foodi Ninja… GET ONE!  Trust me on this!!!


I have LOVE every one of Ike Reilly’s online shows.  It was great again Saturday night.  He only has a couple left…. Don’t miss them!!!


We had 158 bikes for our Full Throttle Rock & Ride on Sunday.  Join us for this Sunday’s ride to Knucklehead Pub in Eagle with House of Harley, Miller High Life & Jesse James Spirits.  Get all the details HERE.  Meet your fellow 95 WIIL ROCKers who ride, join the 95 WIIL ROCK Riders Group HERE.


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