My Weekend in 5 pics…

The 95 WIIL ROCK Tom & Emily Morning Show presents Tom’s weekend in just 5 pictures…


We had a GREAT time with our 7:01 Club Friday night.  CONGRATS to our boss Karl (and his son) who won the staff “talent” contest.  Join us next Friday night at 7:01 for our staff “Show & Tell”.

See the video of the 7:01 Club Party (Rated R – NSFW) here:

Thanks to Leigh Kakaty from POP EVIL for joining us for the 7:01 Club Party and playing aor us.  Listen for the new POP EVIL song “WORK” on WIIL ROCK.


I LOVED all the stuff on “The Ocho” this weekend!!!


Finally some good weather this weekend… good grillin weather!


And after grillin… we played Jarts!  Kim won, Tom 2nd, Jake 3rd… and no one died!


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