The 95 WIIL ROCK Tom & Emily Morning Show presents Tom’s weekend in just 5 pictures…


1)  POOP! – Thanks for the “poop” shirt Matt Avery. I hope you had a great weekend at Blarney Island.  #FatGuyInALittleShirt


2) ICE CREAM! – Late night ice cream – It can be dangerous when your girlfriend owns a cupcake/ice cream shop.


3) HARLEY! – We had a GREAT ride Sunday.  Meet us at Uke’s Harley-Davidson this Sunday for our Rock-N-Ride.


4) MOO – I had a brush with fame on Sunday at Studio Hot Rods Roadhouse.


5) SO SAY WE ALL! – You knew it was going to happen.  The BSG education of my girlfriend Kim has begun.  What a great way to end an awesome weekend!  (She fell asleep)

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