This video from Jimmy Kimmel Live is dumb and it should feel dumb.  It displays a fundamental ignorance of how things work in this country.

Don’t hate the AG for his recent weed related edicts, he just enforces laws.

If drug policy is going to change, it needs to be done in Congress. Looks like some movement is being made in that arena. Now, this is how it’s supposed to work!



All  Sessions did was just revert to a previous administrations position.  Since there is still a Federal law against weed, the states are bound by that law.  I think the law is wrong and should be changed.  That means representatives of the nation must act.

Law ENFORCEMENT agencies enforce the law.  Congress can CHANGE the law. Once they do, Sessions can enforce the new law.

If you want laws to change, call/email your elected officials.  Misplaced anger and rage at one man doesn’t help.  Got any thoughts on the matter? Email me, [email protected].

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