Did anyone see that meteor streak across the sky last night? Got any video you can send usDetroit Free Press has some follow up info,

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is 90% sure the space rock that landed in southeast Michigan on Tuesday evening, causing an earthquake and some anxious moments, was a stony meteorite.

“The asteroid hit the atmosphere, moving about 28,000 miles per hour, broke apart over southeast Michigan and scattered meteorites on the ground,’’ said Bill Cooke, lead of the NASA meteoroid environment office. “Out in space it’s called a meteoroid, when it’s in the air it’s a meteor and pieces on the ground are meteorites.’’

Haven’t seen if they’ve found the impact yet.  Makes me want to get a Nest camera or camera for my car. Does anyone have a good DashCam?  Got a recommendation? Let me know, [email protected].


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