Congratulations to Nikki from Harvard and Kevin from Wonder Lake!

They won an all inclusive trip to a Riu Hotels and Resorts property in Mexico.

These are the clues that led them to the key!

THREE LOCK BOX 2020 – KEY #1 – WEEK 1 CLUES & Reasons:

Monday 6/8

7:30 – Pangaea (The key is on what was once the super continent of Pangaea)

12:30 – No reruns (The key has never been hidden here before)

5:30 – Keep Your Feet Dry (The key is not near/in a body of water)

Tuesday 6/9

7:30 – You’ll see red (There is a lot of red on the Coke machine the key is hidden on)

12:30 –  21 (The key is hidden in Illinois.  Illinois was the 21st state)

5:30 –  3rd largest (The united States is the 3rd largest country in the world by land mass.  The key is hidden in the United States)

Wednesday 6/10

7:30 –  Not Mars (The key is hidden on earth, not on Mars)

12:30 –  13,170,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pounds (That is how much the earth weighs. The key is hidden on Earth)

5:30 –  Close to home (The key is hidden at Gurnee Mills which is our new radio home)

Thursday 6/11

7:30 –  3rd of 7 (North America is the 3rd largest of the 7 continents.  The key is hidden in North America)

12:30 –  Green Light (The key is attached to a Coke machine that has a flashing green light on it)

5:30 –  On the left side (The key is taped on the left side of a Coke machine)

Friday 6/12

7:30 –  Don’t smell that dairy air (Wisconsin is “America’s Dairyland”.  The key is NOT in Wisconsin)

12:30 –  You might pay a toll.  (The key is at Gurnee Mills.  It is adjacent to the Illinois Tollway.  You might have had to pay a toll to get to the key)

5:30 – 1,368 square miles (The key is in Lake County.  Lake county is 1,368 square miles in size)

Bonus – You could almost hear the screams (The key is at Gurnee Mills.  It is very close to Great America.  If Great America were open you could almost hear the screams of the people riding the roller coasters)

Key 2 goes out next Monday 6/22

Good luck and be considerate in your searching.  **RULES AND LEGAL DISCLAIMER**

Three Lock Box is all thanks to Buck Bros Inc, Travel Leaders, Funjet Vacations, and Riu Hotels and Resorts!