Joe Rogan…. Pearl Jam…. Beartooth…. 07/25/2023

While on vacation in Greece recently, podcaster Joe Rogan bumped into Axl Rose at a restaurant and asked the G’N’R singer for a picture. The photo that Rogan posted on Instagram shows Rogan excited, beaming with a smile, while Rose’s expression is devoid of any joy. Maybe it was just a bad pic of Axl, who knows, he still invited Rogan to attend the band’s show in Athens.

Back in 1993, Pearl Jam won a slew of MTV Video Music awards, with one of them being for their video “Jeremy”. The incredibly rare MTV ‘Moonmen’ award that was presented to their former manager is currently on sale for $20,000.

And finally, Beartooth announced that they will be releasing their fifth album, “The Surface”, on October 13th of this year. The latest single from the album, “Might Love Myself” got a “Big Ol’ Puff” yesterday on ’95 WIIL Rock’s 420 hit of the day!’