The Z Chord is a Chicago based rock band, formed in August of 2013 by brothers Pete, Frank and Dan Manzella (Maggot Twat). Soon after, Quentin Poynter (Liquor Mortis, Antioch Secret Society) joined as guitarist. 2019 saw the addition of vocalist Jeff Jacobsen. The aim of the band is to be the yin to the yang of the death metal genre they’ve been best known for as Maggot Twat over the last 23 years.

The influences of The Z Chord include such classic bands as Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Rush, The Beatles, U2, The Doors and so on….

All members of the band are working together to form a small record label, Self Strung Music, to promote the many projects they are involved in.  As soon as the world opens up again, The Z chord along with the other artists on the label, will be going full force with playing shows and being active.
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