Helping out one stitch at a time!

When the corona virus hit everyone was caught flatfooted. Personal Protective items became as valuable as gold. Multiple large businesses no longer able to manufacture what they normally made got into the PPE business. Auto manufactures started making ventilators. Some alcohol distillers started making hand sanitizer.

And one woman in Antioch started sewing.

Anna Fielder, a crafty woman by nature, sat down at her sewing machine and started making masks. Some of here friends with the ability to sew began to help out. Since they started the mask brigade have now made 13,000+ masks and they are still going.

She also tapped some friends with 3d printers to make mask extenders.

Every one of the masks is being donated to anyone that asks her for one. First responders, hospital workers, essential workers, basically anyone that needs one.

She offers a no touch pick up in Antioch or she will mail them to you. Just PM her on Facebook if you are in need of a mask.

There was an article about Anna and her mask brigade, you can read  it HERE.

Since everything they do is donated to those in need for the Mask Brigade to keep going they are relying on donations from others. If you have the means to help go HERE!