Guinness Book Of World Records – Tom vs Smarties

Stino has decided that she is going to have Tom attempt to get in to the Guinness Book Of World Records every week until he gets in.

Here is what Tom has failed at… So far:

Most JELL-O eaten with chopstix in 1 min = 3.2 oz (FAIL VIDEO!)

Most sticky notes on the face in 1 min = 58 (FAIL VIDEO!)

Fastest time to assemble Mr. Potato Head blindfolded = 16.17 sec (FAIL VIDEO!)

Fastest time to place 24 cans in a fridge = 9.76 sec (FAIL VIDEO!)

Farthest distance to blow a pea = 41 feet (FAIL VIDEO!)

Fastest consumption of a jelly donut = 11.41 sec (FAIL VIDEO!)

Fastest time to push a candy bar 4 feet using a banana on a string = 4 ft in 4 sec (FAIL!)

Most potato chips eaten in 1 min = 27 chips (FAIL VIDEO!)

Sort A Bag Of Skittles = :16 seconds (FAIL VIDEO!)

Fastest time to eat a BK Whopper with hands = 57.53 seconds (FAIL VIDEO!)

Most peanuts smashed with your head in 15 seconds = 31 (FAIL VIDEO!)


Tallest Toilet Paper Tower in 30 Seconds – Record: 28 rolls (FAIL VIDEO!)

Tallest Marshmallow Tower – Record: 11 (FAIL VIDEO!)

Fastest time to eat a muffin with no hands – Record: 21.95 seconds (FAIL VIDEO!)

Most CDs balanced on one finger. – Official record: 50 (FAIL VIDEO!)

Tallest Donut Tower. Record: Pepin V from California stacked 20 donuts in a single tower. (FAIL VIDEO!)

Most coins stacked into a tower in 30 seconds – Current record:51 (FAIL VIDEO!)

The fastest time to find and alphabetize the letters in a can of alphabet soup – 2 mins 8.6 sec (FAIL VIDEO!)

The farthest tortilla throw- 90 ft 11 in (FAIL VIDEO!)

Most Smarties Eaten In 60 Seconds Blindfolded Using Chopsticks – Current record: 20 (FAIL VIDEO)