FLOTD is Steve from Kenosha

FLOTD is Steve from Kenosha!

Occupation? Corrosion fencing silt fencing
Relationship status? Divorced 
Favorite WIIL Rock band? Godsmack
Hobbies? Live rock bands and motorcycles
Favorite position? Reverse cowgirl
Cocktails with a celebrity? Arnold Schwarzenegger
Favorite food? Don’t really have one
Favorite movie? All the Rockys
What’s a weird fact you know? I wear shorts so there’s snow on the ground
If you could live anywhere, where would you go? Good question 
Most embarrassing moment? When I was younger I was at a party in my buddy yanked my pants down and my junk was hanging out
ALL TIME favorite song? Don’t have one I like a lot of different music
Turn ons? A woman who takes care of her feet puts on a little makeup everyday for her man smells good good conversation and smokes pot
Turn offs? Smoking cigarettes hardcore drinkers