FLOTD is Rob from Chicago

FLOTD is Rob from Chicago!

Occupation? Big Dumb Mortgage Company
Relationship status? Depends on who you ask 
Favorite WIIL Rock band? Ya’ll Still play some Zeppelin right? I’ll say them
Hobbies? Playing music running, sports, Seinfeld
Favorite position? Right Winger/Forward
Cocktails with a celebrity? Jerry Stiller
Favorite food? Anything Breakfast or anything I can reasonably enjoy with BBQ Sauce
Favorite movie? Too Many to list
What’s a weird fact you know? -40 Degrees Celsius is the same Temperature as -40 Degrees Fahrenheit
If you could live anywhere, where would you go? Anywhere but here
Most embarrassing moment? Was black out drunk, ask the friends
ALL TIME favorite song? Too Many to list
Turn ons? Intelligence, Passion, Attitude, Nice Hair and Good Perfume/Scent is a huge +
Turn offs? The Opposite of all of the aforementioned Turn Ons