FLOTD is Nikki from Union Grove!

Occupation? Kwiktrip
Relationship status? Yes

Favorite WIIL Rock band? It will always be In This Moment. Maria Brink is a babe.
Hobbies? A few, mainly singing, painting and hanging out with friends.
Favorite position? I like to be anywhere near Rumchata
Cocktails with a celebrity? Bill Clinton. I feel things could get interesting with him.
Favorite food? Tacos but also lasagna
Best 90’s song? Show Me Love by Robyn

Most embarrassing moment? It takes a lot to embarrass me, but once my underwear was showing and some lady told me, I was like thanks girlfriend. But really, maybe people wanted my underwear to be showing so… was it really.
Craziest thing you’ve ever done? Probably that one time that me and my bestie broke the doors at Walmart.

Turn ons? Cuddles and consistency
Turn offs? Uhhh, hitting me up in my DMs with d*ck pics, being an asshole when I’m not interested… or just being mean in general
FMK… Tom, Emily and Eddie? I’m not into killing so we can all just bang it out.