Name? Mike

Age? 30

Where do you work? Fresenious medical care distribution center

Single/Married? Single

Kids? Nope

Hobbies? Fishing. Hiking. Working out. Biking. Archery. Sports.

Favorite WIIL ROCK band? Disturbed

Favorite Position? All the positions

Drink with a Celebrity? Hillary Duff

Favorite Food? Pasta

Cocktail of Choice? Titos and Sweet

Favorite 90’s Song? Bye Bye Bye

Most Embarrassing Moment?  Having my card decline when being checked out by the cute girl at office depot

Craziest thing you’ve ever done? Went to war

Turn Ons? Badass Face

Turn Offs? If you don’t like animals GTFOH

FMK (Tom, Emily, Eddie): Emily, Eddie, Tom

Do you like Butt-Stuff? The right amount of vodka (;