Name? Lisa

Hometown? Huntley

Age? 30

Job? Stay at home mom

Married or Single? Married

Kids? One 1 year old daughter, one 11 year old step son

Hobbies? Table-top role playing, Pokemon GO, chasing the baby around the house, pattycake

Cocktail of choice? Long Island Iced Tea

Favorite Position? Reclined in the Rocking chair (I have a 1 year old, what did you expect?)

Favorite Curse Word? Bitcht*ts

Craziest thing you’ve ever done? Sat on a fire ant mound when I was 6 at a sprinkler party. Granted, it was an accident, but it was still crazy

Turn On’s? Confidence, humor, kindness, nerdiness, bondage

Turn Off’s? Poor hygiene, really bad dirty talk, Trump

FMK (Tom, Emily, Eddie): F-Emily, M-Eddie, K-Tom (no hard feelings, Tom. It’s not you, it’s me)