FLOTD is Julie from Antioch

FLOTD is Julie from Antioch!

Occupation? Farmers Insurance
Relationship status? Single

Favorite WIIL Rock band? Shinedown!
Hobbies? I live in Illinois…guess what my new favorite hobby is! lmfao!
Favorite position? Depends on who its with…ya know, different people have different skillz! lol
Cocktails with a celebrity? Ice cold beer with Kurt Cobain
Favorite food? Crab Alfredo
Favorite 90’s song? I can’t pick ONE! Anything from KidRock or Nirvana!

Most embarrassing moment? OMG there are too many to pick from! I broke my leg getting out of bed…with no pants on and the EMTs had to carry me upside down on a stretcher down the stairs to my house becuase of the angle of the stairs! It was either that or lower me out the window!
Craziest thing you’ve ever done? Toooooooo many!!! Went skydiving but thats kinda normalish. Drove 12 hours to a half barrel party when I was in my 20s!

Turn ons? Tall guys, blue eyes, back yard campfires, someone who is comfortable sitting in the same room with someone and not having to say a word and still be content!
Turn offs? Liars! and …people who bitch constantly about anything and everything….repeatedly.
FMK… Tom, Emily and Eddie? F=Emily, M=Tom K=Eddie just cause he’s the only one left