FLOTD is Jessica from Union Grove

FLOTD is Jessica from Union Grove!

Occupation? Representing The Sandlots of Salem and Moose’s BBQ
Relationship status? Not married but not single
Favorite WIIL Rock band? Breaking Benjamin
Hobbies? Hopping on the bike, out drinking most county boys, rooting for my favorite Kenosha Komet #14, spending time with the crazy family and of course managing the bar.
Favorite position? Chaos coordinator 
Cocktails with a celebrity? Brett kreischer or any other comedian… love to laugh!
Favorite food? I LOVE FOOD!!!
Favorite movie? American History X, Natural Born killers and Wall-E
If you could live anywhere, where would you go? Anywhere close to family
Most embarrassing moment? When my pants split on a bike ride… riders behind me had bright white cheeks in their face. Hence the nickname… cheeks.
ALL TIME favorite song? Mandolin Rain – Josh Kelley
Turn ons? Bikes, beards, boobs, butts and making me laugh.
Turn offs? Bad teeth, boogers, chronic flirting disorder etc.