FLOTD is Emily from Antioch

FLOTD is Emily from Antioch!

Occupation? Primoris electric co
Relationship status? Married
Favorite WIIL Rock band? I can’t pick! I’m a hard core rocker 🤘
Hobbies? Gun range, meditating, concerts, traveling, playing pool, and good backyard bonfires
Favorite position? I like being in charge…
Cocktails with a celebrity? Already have, I had a drink with Mark Wahlberg once
Favorite food? Anything sea food (sushi, Cajun cuisine, Caribbean, etc)
Favorite 90’s song? Black hole sun by sound garden
Cocktail of choice? Adios Mother F*cker (AMF)
Most embarrassing moment? Probably getting my first period when I was fishing with my dad, I thought I was sitting in water the whole time. Went to put the boat back on the trailer and I got up, looked… Red everywhere… I was on a weekend getaway with only my dad
Craziest thing you’ve ever done? Moved away from home with no job no car and didn’t know anyone. Took a gamble on a plane ticket and now I’m stuck in Illinois 🤣
Turn ons? Coming home to a clean house, my husband, and giving my husband money
Turn offs? Degrading, immaturity, literally blowing on or “flicking” my lady part
FMK… Tom, Emily and Eddie? F Eddie; M Emily; K Tom