Name? Dustin

Age? 35

Hometown? McHenry

Married/Single? Married

Work Where? Ghetto Bread

Kids? 4

Hobbies? Shenanigans

Favorite Position? Super-Twisted Carl Sponge

Drink w/ a celebrity? Scarlett Johansen mmmmmmm

Favorite WIIL ROCK band? Slipknot

Favorite Food? Stuff that makes me fat

Cocktail of choice? Beer

Most embarrassing moment? I thought I farted but I sh*t

Craziest thing you’ve ever done? Naked Horse Back Riding

Favorite 90’s Song? Be my lover from LaBouche

Turn Ons? Sea Turtles

Turn Offs? Dirty Socks

Do you like Butt Stuff? Only on Thursdays

FMK (Tom, Emily, Eddie): F Tom, M Tom, Kill the rest