FLOTD is Donald from Kenosha

FLOTD is Donald from Kenosha!

Occupation? Cree Lighting in Racine
Relationship status? Married
Favorite WIIL Rock band? 5FDP
Hobbies? Helping friends fix up their homes
Favorite position? At my age anything that works
Cocktails with a celebrity? 7/7 with JFK
Favorite food? Porterhouse and Shrimp
Favorite 90’s song? Barely remember the 90’s
Most embarrassing moment? Having my daughter take me to court for a DUI
Craziest thing you’ve ever done? Drove 120 mph on the interstate in San Antonio, TX
Turn ons? Face and of course BOOBS
Turn offs? Shrill people
FMK… Tom, Emily and Eddie? F- Emily M- Tom since we are close in age K- sorry Eddie