FLOTD is Darren from Gurnee

FLOTD is Darren from Gurnee!

Occupation? Professional grease monkey (and master of the mechanical stuff)
Relationship status? Single and looking;) 
Favorite WIIL Rock band? In This Moment
Hobbies? Camping, motorcycles, great times with good people, and some occasional video games
Favorite position? I like all positions, but I guess cowgirl is a fun ride! 😉
Cocktails with a celebrity? Bruce Willis
Favorite food? Tough, can’t pick between good steak, sushi, or Mexican.
Favorite movie? Wall-E
What’s a weird fact you know? Average golf ball has almost 400 dimples
If you could live anywhere, where would you go? Probably North Carolina
Most embarrassing moment? A time in high school, I scaled the wall of the field house to reach the rafters, then dropped down to the floor. It was recorded by another kid, sad news was the dean saw the footage, got a suspension
ALL TIME favorite song? Under The Bridge – RHCP
Turn ons? Intelligence, eyes, and close touching
Turn offs? Ignorance, prejudice and racism