Name? Chrise

Age? 38

Hometown? Lake Villa

Job? Brightstar Health

Relationship Status? Divorced

Kids? 3

Hobbies? Drinks around a bonfire, volleyball, reading, driving down a backwoods country road with the radio blasting

Favorite WIIL ROCK band? Five Finger Death Punch

Favorite Position? Doggy?

Drink with a celebrity? Sam Elliot

Favorite Food? Italian

Cocktail of Choice? Jameson and Dr. Pepper

Favorite 90’s Song? Glycerine

Craziest thing you’ve ever done? Get Married!!!!!

Most Embarrassing Moment?  Getting kicked out of a hotel for breaking into the pool

Turn Ons? Spontaneity, romance, sense of humor, honesty, eyes, smile and ass

Turn Offs? Unemployed lying cheating MoMA’s boys

FMK (Tom, Emily, Eddie): Emily