FLOTD is Charlie from Racine

Occupation? Realtor at Shorewest Racine
Relationship status? Married + 2 kids
Favorite WIIL Rock band? A Day To Remember
Hobbies? I have kids. So there’s no time for my own hobbies anymore.
Favorite position? These days – any of them 
Cocktails with a celebrity? Andre The Giant. Double fisting White Claws as I ride on his shoulders.
Most embarrassing moment? When I was a little kid, the dental assistant handed me the funnel that I was apparently supposed to spit in. But instead, I put it up to my face like a mask. It promptly started sucking my head into the hose. They had to shut the vacuum down to free my face. Everyone was laughing. And it still haunts me to this day.
Craziest thing you’ve ever done? Became responsible for keeping 2 children alive.
Turn ons? The sound my Xbox makes when it boots up.
Turn offs? Probably murder. But I guess it depends on the situation.
FMK… Tom, Emily and Eddie? F-Emily, by genitalia default. M-Tom for medical benefits. K-Eddie by process of elimination.