FLOTD is Chad from Amherst, OH

FLOTD is Chad from Amherst, OH!

Occupation? Parker Cylinder in Des Plaines
Relationship status? In a relationship  
Favorite WIIL Rock band? A Day to Remember
Hobbies? Drag Racing, Scuba Diving, Listening to WIIL rock
Favorite position? At my age I can’t afford to be picky
Cocktails with a celebrity? A beer with Jen Marr
Favorite food? Mexican
Favorite movie? Talledega Nights, Ballad of Ricky Bobby
What’s a weird fact you know? 73.7% of statistics are made up on the spot
If you could live anywhere, where would you go? Pretty happy in the Cleveland, OH area
If someone said, “Hey, do that thing you do…”, what would you do? Problem solve
Most embarrassing moment? Tried to jump a fence after a concert and, well, landed on my head
ALL TIME favorite song? House of the Rising Sun
Turn ons? Genuine, honest people
Turn offs? Lying, cheating