FLOTD is Bobbie Jo from Pell Lake

FLOTD is Bobbie Jo from Pell Lake!

Occupation? Magnum Machining
Relationship status? Single 
Favorite WIIL Rock band? Pop Evil, FFDP, Disturbed, too many to list them all
Hobbies? Swimming, tanning, hiking, tubing, camping
Favorite position? Depends on my mood
Cocktails with a celebrity? Leigh Kakaty
Favorite movie? Wizard of Oz
What’s a weird fact you know? Potato chips are very fattening
If you could live anywhere, where would you go? Anywhere that it does not drop below 50 degrees
If someone said, “Hey, do that thing you do…”, what would you do? Coordinate a party
Most embarrassing moment? Definitely can’t say
ALL TIME favorite song? Funny Farm by Doctor Demento
Turn ons? Hmmm
Turn offs? A muscular neck