FLOTD is Bob from Elkhorn

FLOTD is Bob from Elkhorn!

Occupation? J and just trucking
Relationship status? Single 
Favorite WIIL Rock band? Avatar atm
Hobbies? Drinking and drinking
Favorite position? Laying on top while I try to catch my breath
Cocktails with a celebrity? Brian Quinn from impratical jokers
Favorite food? Lasagna
Favorite movie? Watchmen
What’s a weird fact you know? That there are little mites that live on your eye brows
If you could live anywhere, where would you go? Wisconsin, baby
If someone said, “Hey, do that thing you do…”, what would you do? Chewbacca howl
ALL TIME favorite song? Sugar by system of a down
Turn ons? Women that have a job
Turn offs? Women that cheat