FLOTD is April from Chicago

FLOTD is April from Chicago!

Occupation? Sr. Admin for a general contractor
Relationship status? Newly dating
Favorite WIIL Rock band? AVATAR
Hobbies? Concerts, Arts & Crafts, Cosplay, Comic/Horror Geek
Favorite position? Giddy up
Cocktails with a celebrity? Slamming shots and pulling pranks with Tom Hanks
Favorite movie? My Cousin Vinny – “What’s a Yute?”
What’s a weird fact you know? daddy long legs are not spiders and they have penises.
If you could live anywhere, where would you go? Ireland
Most embarrassing moment? Ask my mom….I’m not saying!
ALL TIME favorite song? Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond
Turn ons? Guys with long hair, honest eyes, sense of humor
Turn offs? Lack of manners – dishonesty