FLOTD is Amanda from Hoffman Estates

FLOTD is Amanda from Hoffman Estates!

Occupation? CNA @ a nursing home
Relationship status? Married
Favorite WIIL Rock band? hard to choose in high-school it was smile empty soul and green day now I’d at least have to add royal bliss
Hobbies? reading, drinking whiskey, and spending time with my husband
Favorite position? honestly anything I ng with less work for me unless the mood strikes. I’m constantly walking and lifting at work
Cocktails with a celebrity? Marilyn Monroe she’s such an idol to any woman so independent
Favorite food? tacos
Favorite 90’s song? baby got back
Most embarrassing moment? Accidently choking my husband out on the beach after our wedding. While he was trying to carry me away from family drama
Craziest thing you’ve ever done? One time in highschool I snuck out while grounded ended up with a flat tire. I didn’t have a spare so I called a friend he switched the tire out with his so I could drive home. And then switched it back with my tire. When asked what happened to the tire I said how would I know you have my keys. Still didn’t get caught and she’s in TX
Turn ons? intelligence & humor
Turn offs? arrogance
FMK… Tom, Emily and Eddie? f – eddie he’s young enough with good raps m – emily great wife super cleanly and organized k – tom sorry