FLOTD Brett from Lombard

FLOTD Brett from Lombard!

Occupation? Railroad
Relationship status? Wifed up 
Favorite WIIL Rock band? Starset 
Hobbies? Fishing, and explaining every thing I do in detail to my daughter like she can understand me.
Favorite position? I’m always just happy it’s happening
Cocktails with a celebrity? Mike Ness from Social Distortion
Favorite food? Breakfast burritos all day
Favorite movie? Indiana Jones
What’s a weird fact you know? Blood donors in Sweden receive a confirmation text if their blood is used
If you could live anywhere, where would you go? Pacific Northwest 
Most embarrassing moment? Falling off my pier on Petite lake with chest waders on, in November
ALL TIME favorite song? “Swamp music” lynyrd Skynyrd
Turn ons? The wife in comfy clothes
Turn offs? Unconfident/ timid drivers