FDOTD – Zeke aka Beefcake

Zeke aka Beefcake
American Akita
Favorite Activity?
Giving my peeps hugs
Favorite trick to do?
High 5
Least favorite trick to do?
Wait for treats
Most embarrassing moment?
I have no shame
Favorite person?
I’m a MoMA’s boy
Favorite food?
Favorite thing to chew on?
Crinkle pizza
Should dogs wear costumes?
None fit me😥
Favorite place to go to the Bathroom (that gets you in trouble)?
I love to poop on trees, I dont care where
Favorite command to ignore?
Bed time
Celebrity Dog Crush?
I love the farmers dog food commercial
What do you like to hump the most?
I’m a virgin still
Sleep with humans?
Nah, they make me hot
Who’s a good dog?
Beefcake’s a good dog

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