FDOTD – Whiskey & Charlie

Whiskey & Charlie
German Shepherd w/ a dash of Husky
Favorite Activity?
Sparring with each other
Favorite trick to do?
“Hunt” we find treats hidden around the house
Least favorite trick to do?
Stay (we just can’t sit still for more than 5seconds)
Most embarrassing moment?
Whiskey- when I go for walks I get so excited that I can’t help but make the most ridiculous noises, like I’m barking and whining at the same time. Charlie- is too cool for embarrassment.
Favorite person?
(My Momma- Whiskey) (My Dad- Charlie)
Favorite food?
All food is our favorite food 🤤
Favorite thing to chew on?
Our homemade toys that momma makes ❤
Sleep with humans?
Every night!
Who’s a good dog?
We are!
Best Dog Movie?

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