FDOTD – Perdita

Favorite Activity?
Favorite trick to do?
Following mom everywhere she goes.
Least favorite trick to do?
Sitting patiently with a tree on my nose until mom says it’s OK and I flip it up into the air and catch it.
Most embarrassing moment?
When I got microchipped, it literally scared the poop out of me.
Favorite person?
My mom—I follow her everywhere, even into the shower if she doesn’t close the door.
Favorite food?
Favorite thing to chew on?
My dinosaur chew toy.
Should dogs wear costumes?
Sometimes, but I don’t like it.
Favorite costume?
My Blackhawks jersey
Favorite place to go to the Bathroom (that gets you in trouble)?
On the floor of mom’s side of the bed when I’m mad at her.
Favorite command to ignore?
“No” when I’m being told to stop licking.
Celebrity Dog Crush?
Who needs a celebrity dog crush when mommy is the apple of my eye?
What do you like to hump the most?
My mom’s pillows
Sleep with humans?
Absolutely! I don’t let mom sleep without me.
Who’s a good dog?
Best Dog Movie?
101 Dalmatians

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