FDOTD – Lady Bird

Lady Bird
Bold Mastic
Favorite Activity?
Chewing up stuff
Favorite trick to do?
Still a puppy just learning
Least favorite trick to do?
Shutting up
Most embarrassing moment?
Eatting up the dogs poop up
Favorite person?
All in the family
Favorite food?
Favorite thing to chew on?
Chunks of wood
Should dogs wear costumes?
Hell no
Favorite costume?
Favorite place to go to the Bathroom (that gets you in trouble)?
By the man who is is summing these dog by his basement apt. Window
Favorite command to ignore?
Shut up
Celebrity Dog Crush?
None yet only 9 months old
What do you like to hump the most?
I’m a fix female
Sleep with humans?
No to big for there bed. Got my own
Who’s a good dog?
Well i try
Best Dog Movie?
Stuck watching Blues clue

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