FDOTD – Junior

I think I’m a Whippet, but I’m really just a lab mutt.
Favorite Activity?
Running Zoomes around the yard until I either knock down my human or get my leash wrapped around a tree.
Favorite trick to do?
Chew on my sister. Wait, that’s not a trick. Shake!
Least favorite trick to do?
Being told NOT to chew on my sister. Shoot, I did it again. I mean being ask to shake with my other paw.
Most embarrassing moment?
When I eat too much snow then throw up my dinner. I didn’t learn, I continue to do it.
Favorite person?
Favorite food?
Pupperoni, Salmon & String Cheese (DROOL!)
Favorite thing to chew on?
Dad, Mom, sister, toys, bones, balls, sticks, paper – pretty much anything, can I chew on you please?
Should dogs wear costumes?
You put a costume on me and I’m going to flea you to death!!
Favorite costume?
See above statement.
Favorite place to go to the Bathroom (that gets you in trouble)?
The humans are trying to teach me to pee in the backyard so I don’t ruin the grass again, but I like to pee in the front yard.
Favorite command to ignore?
“Junior, stop chewing on your sister!!!”
Celebrity Dog Crush?
It’s not a crush, but I do like Scooby-Doo
What do you like to hump the most?
Blankets. I take the blanket, bunch it in a ball and hump it. The humans think I’m just playing, but I’m humping it
Sleep with humans?
The humans sleep with me.
Who’s a good dog?
I’m a good doggo!
Best Dog Movie?

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