FDOTD – Chief

Salem, WI
German Shepherd
Favorite Activity?
Fetching my Rings
Favorite trick to do?
I like to shake your hand, I’m a true gentleman
Least favorite trick to do?
Stay, I’m just not into that trick
Most embarrassing moment?
When I had to take swim lessons and I cried and panicked. Made it worse because mom put it all over that Facebook thing.
Favorite person?
My dad guy. He loves to play and we go on walks a lot.
Favorite food?
I’m pretty happy with any food, but my Sunday ice cream is delicious
Favorite thing to chew on?
My rings, rings are life, I take them everywhere
Should dogs wear costumes?
Nope, I hate this idea. My people put Christmas lights on my and I hated it, let me be humans, I am handsome enough already
Favorite costume?
I have a tie, it’s ok for 2.5 minutes
Favorite place to go to the Bathroom (that gets you in trouble)?
In the ‘real’ grass…whatever that means. The humans don’t like me to do my business in the pretty grass, they want me to walk to the ‘other’ crappy, weed like grass
Favorite command to ignore?
When my humans direct me to come to a specific spot, I get freaked out and will go anywhere but to that spot
Celebrity Dog Crush?
Lady from Lady and the Tramp
What do you like to hump the most?
I’m not a humpy fella, I prefer to get to know someone first
Sleep with humans?
Nope, I like attention, and I like the petting, but once that stops, I’m off to my own bed.
Who’s a good dog?
Chief is a good boy. When momma leaves she always says “Be a good boy, make good decisions, momma loves you”
Best Dog Movie?
The Art of Racing in the Rain

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