FDOTD – Bettie

Wire hair dachshund
Favorite Activity?
Eating and listening to dad play guitar
Favorite trick to do?
Least favorite trick to do?
Backflip, because I can’t do it.
Most embarrassing moment?
Everytime I have to catch a ball, I let it just hit my face because I don’t know how to catch
Favorite person?
Favorite food?
Favorite thing to chew on?
The same ball that pelts me in the face when I don’t catch it
Should dogs wear costumes?
Favorite costume?
Slayer hoodie
Favorite place to go to the Bathroom (that gets you in trouble)?
I’m a good dog.. I go where I’m supposed to
Favorite command to ignore?
When my name gets called unless I know my roommates have food. Then I answer
Celebrity Dog Crush?
Brian Griffin
What do you like to hump the most?
The floor
Sleep with humans?
I do
Who’s a good dog?
Always me!!

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