F*** Cancer (And Covid)! St Baldrick’s 2021

Sadly this years St Baldrick’s event at the Brat Stop has been canceled.  Even more sadly… kids are still getting cancer, and because of the pandemic St Baldrick’s fundraising has taken a major hit.  Last week I got this letter from St Baldrick’s. As you can see from the letter… Because of the generosity of or 95 WIIL ROCK 10’s of listeners our 2020 95 WIIL ROCK St Baldrick’s team was 39th in donations in the entire country out of 3,761 teams!   WOW!!!  The Brat Stop event is always one of the biggest in the nation. S o St Baldrick’s needs our help this year more than ever in continuing the fight against childhood cancer.  So…. I will be hosting a virtual event this year.  Stay tuned for more details later this week. For now just keep growing your hair… and of course have your donations ready!!! – Tom