If you feel ashamed and embarrassed watching the State of the Union address, then join our petition to stop the madness! #EndSOTU.

Regardless of the office holder, politicians use this televised opportunity to show themselves to be trained seals, barking when their team makes a perceived point. It’s best summed up below,

To read Kevin D. Williamsons full text on the matter, hit this.  Some good background info,

Thomas Jefferson, ever watchful against monarchical pretensions in the federal apparatus, discontinued the practice of delivering the State of the Union in person before Congress, instead submitting a written report. For a blessed century, Jefferson’s example was followed, and, despite civil war and the occasional financial panic, the nation thrived without an ersatz Caesar to rule over it.

We really did start a petition.  I’m not really a petition kind-of -guy, but maybe this will raise awareness of the stupidity.



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