Don’t Miss The Opener!!

This is another occasion wherein I tell you not to miss the opening act on a show. This time it’s the Texas Hippie Coalition show this Friday night at Route 20.

The opener is a local band called Mudfish.

This summer at Rock, White, and Blue I ran into Chris, the drummer for Mudfish. He was telling me about how their bassist was in another band and, that they were in need of one for the Royal Battle at KC’s Cabin. I ran into a buddy of mine the next day who just happened to be getting back into bass playing after a long stint as a drummer. John tried out with Chris and Willie, the guitarist and vocalist for Mudfish, and they gave him the job. Already they have opened for Tantric and played other smaller shows in the area.

I hope you will take the time to check them out if you are planning on making Route 20 part of your Friday night plans.



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