Credit: Mikael Eriksson

With their elaborate stage outfits and deep mythology, one would think that Ghostwould be the perfect band to have their own comic book. Speaking to ABC Radio, frontman Tobias Forge says he’s indeed been approached about possibly doing a Ghost comic book, but at the time, he didn’t think the band wasn’t ready.

“I personally felt like that story wasn’t outlined yet,” Forge remembers. “It hadn’t unfolded to the point where I was willing to let that mythology be dictated by someone I didn’t know.”

However, now that the Ghost backstory has more, as Forge puts it, “flesh on the bone” thanks to more music and an ongoing web-series, the Swedish musician is more open to the idea.

“I definitely feel like if we find the right partner, both cartoonist-wise and definitely the right [publishing] house to make it together with, I’m all for the idea,” Forge says.

With Ghost now being the most popular they’ve ever been — they’re embarking on their Ultimate Tour Named Death arena tour in the fall — Forge’s main concern with an official comic book, or any band-related merch, is that it be up to quality.

“Especially nowadays when we have so many people who are interested in what we are doing, I’m trying to be very, very careful about when you choose partners or when you choose products,” Forge says. “Because I know that there are many people who will buy into it and also buy these products.”

He adds, “So I really want them to be really, really cool.”

Ghost’s Ultimate Tour Named Death kicks off September 13 in Bakersfield, California. They’ll be supporting their Grammy-nominated album, Prequelle.

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