There’s a coronavirus outbreak currently at the Bronx Zoo, but not among guests (who haven’t been allowed inside since March 16).  A 4-year-old female Malayan tiger named Nadia has become the first of her kind to test positive for COVID-19. Another tiger and three African lions have since been exhibiting symptoms.  British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hospitalized with coronavirus symptoms on advice of his doctor.  CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus.  Eddie Large, a British comedian who was best known as being one half of the Little and Large double act, has died after suffering with coronavirus. He was 78.  Tom Dempsey, NFL kicker who set a record for the longest field goal, dies of coronavirus at 73.  Our friend Rob from Bella Cain has contracted the coronavirus.

I hope by showing you some names you may know that you will understand… This is REAL. This is NOT the flu.

The HEROS on the front lines saving lives… are dying!!!  And people of all ages are DYING!  Stay the F at home!!!

We are all in this together… Let’s act like it.  Six feet apart.  Stay home if you can.  I LOVE you! Be safe! – Tom

#AllInThisTogether #SixFeetApart