Coolest rock and metal related Guinness World Records

Here are 20 of the coolest rock and metal related Guinness World Records.

The Largest Electric Guitar in the World

Scott Rippitoe set this record in May 2001 by building a 43-foot, 7.5-inch tall, 16-foot 5.5-inch wide guitar that weighs 2,000 pounds with Conroe Independent School District Academy of Science and Technology students. The guitar was modeled after a 1967 Gibson Flying V, and yes, the guitar is playable — “A Hard Day’s Night” was played on the guitar at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in 2000.

Most Memes Ever Used in a Music Video

The world record for the most memes used in a music video was set by Weezer with their “Pork and Beans” music video. The video came out in 2009 and has 55 different memes in it with everything from the dramatic gopher to “leave Britney alone” YouTuber Chris Crocker, Miss Teen South Carolina 2007 and more.

The Shortest Music Concert Ever

The Who set this Guinness World Record for the shortest concert in the world, which took place in 2007 in Tampa, Florida and started and ended in only 13 seconds. There were 9,000 fans at this show, and the concert had to end after Roger Daltrey realized that due to an illness he couldn’t sing.

Largest Guitar Amp in the World

The largest guitar amp in the world is over 10 feet long, 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide. This Guinness World Record was set in Orlando, Florida, in 2017 by Full Sail University, Ben Clifton, John Sherman, Joseph Rivers, Max Rivers, Drew Walkup, Kayla Mraz, Fahad Vania, Zac Bennet, James Adam Shelley, David Rublin and Matt Sanchez.

The Highest Grossing Music Biopic in the World

Bohemian Rhapsody set this Guinness World Record in 2019 when the movie grossed $773,633,838 at the worldwide box office. The movie was all about the life of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury who was played by actor Rami Malek.

The Most Encores Ever at a Music Concert

The most encores at a music concert happened in 2004, and the record is held by The Cure. The fans wanted more and The Cure definitely gave it to them. They returned to the stage five times at the end of three of their concerts in 2004 and 2005.

Most Flame Projections Ever Launched During Concert

KISS set this Guinness World Record on Dec. 31, 2020, in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. They launched 73 flame projections during their show on New Years Eve at the Atlantic the Palm during their KISS 2020 Goodbye show.

Most Music Tracks Ever Released in One Week

After releasing Deep in May of 2021 Pearl Jam set this Guinness World Record for most music tracks ever released in one week. Their digital archive is made up of 5,404 live tracks from shows over the course of 14 years.

The First Music Video Ever Banned By MTV

The first music video that was banned by MTV was Queen’s music video for “Body Language” in 1982. The video takes place in a dimly lit steam room and was banned for “homoerotic undertones” and excessive skin.

First Musical Act to Perform a Concert in Every Continent

Metallica became the first musical act to play a concert in every single one of Earth’s seven continents in 2013 after playing in Antarctica. They played for an hour for 120 scientists and competition winners in a transparent dome at the Carlini Station.

Most Valuable Guitar in the World

The most valuable guitar set the world record in 2015 and is worth $2 million and was created by Aaron Shum. It even has its own name ‘Eden of Coronet’ and is adorned with 11,441 pieces of diamonds, 401.15 carats, and 18k white gold — which is 57.67 ounces.

The Longest Music Video Ever

Twenty One Pilots set this Guinness World Record with their music video for “Level of Concern” in 2000. The video ended up being 177 days, 16 hours, 10 minutes and 25 seconds long. They achieved this by live streaming on YouTube and using video submissions from fans.

Best-Selling Album Trilogy in the World

Meat Loaf set this world record in 2022 with his albums Bat out of HellBat out of Hell II: Back into Hell and Bat out of Hell III. His album trilogy has sold over 65 million copies worldwide.

Longest Marathon Playing Drums

Carlos Santos set this Guinness World Record by drumming for 133 hours and 3 minutes straight. He actually set the world record on his son’s fourth birthday and had to play recognizable songs.

First Band to Destroy Instruments On Stage

The Who set this Guinness World Record in 1964 when they were performing at The Railway Tavern in Harrow, London. Pete Townsend destroyed his Rickenbacker after he accidentally broke the neck of the guitar on the tavern’s low ceiling.

Most Songs Featured in Video Games By a Metal Artist

Iron Maiden holds this Guinness World Record and has 51 tracks featured in 15 video games. The games include Ed HunterRPG Legacy of the BeastSSXGTAMaddenTony HawkRock Band and Guitar Hero.

Most Music Festivals Visited in One Month

Greg Parmley set this Guinness World Record in 2011 after attending 26 festivals in just 30 days. Parmley went to Glastonbury, Hard Rock Calling, Graspop Metal Meeting, Rock a Field, Pennenzakkenrock, Werchter, Summerjam, Rheinkultur, With Full Force, Rock or People, Malta, Pohoda, Balaton Sound, Exit, Metalcamp, Garden Festival, Umbria Jazz, Moon and Stars, Montreux Jazz, Gurtenfestival, Live at Sunset, Paleo Festival Nylon, Secret Garden Festival, Redfest, ATP I’ll Be Your Mirror and High Voltage Festival.

The Smallest Replica Guitar in the World

The world’s smallest replica guitar was made from a block of silicon and is only 10 micrometers long, which is 1/20 the thickness of a strand of human hair. It’s modeled after a Fender Stratocaster and the world’s smallest replica guitar was made in 20 minutes and is no larger than a single cell. Cornell University scientists Dustin Carr and Harold Craighead set this Guinness World Record in 1997.

Most Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions

Eric Clapton holds this Guinness World Record with three inductions. He’s been inducted three different times as a solo artist, a member of Cream and The Yardbirds.

Best-Selling Album By an Australian Group

AC/DC holds the Guinness World Record for best-selling album by an Australian group. Their album Back in Black has been awarded 22 times Platinum and has sold over 22 million units.