25th Anniversary Cabin Fever Getaway Jet Flyover!

This is your chance to qualify to win your way into CFG 2024.

Listen for the jet to flyover on air three times per day.

When you hear the jet call 800-223-9510.

10th caller will qualify for a chance to win their way into the 25th Anniversary Cabin Fever Getaway to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

We will also be qualifying people at the 5:01 Club Parties leading up to the final giveaway.

The final giveaway, that all qualifiers must be at in order to win, is Tuesday October 17th from 6-8 at Shooter’s Sports Bar and Billiards in Grayslake.

You may only qualify once!

Qualifiers must be present at the final giveaway in order to win. No proxies, stand-ins or transfers.