When I started watching wrasslin’ on basic cable, it was way before Raw started. If you’ve got the WWE Network, make sure you watch the genius of Bobby Heenan on display during the Raw-predecessor, Prime Time Wrestling.

Congratulations to Vince McMahon on Raw 25!  It’s a crime this program hasn’t won any Emmy’s or at least a Cable Ace Award! Those still exist, right?

I do have the network and there’s one thing that bugs me about the UI.  You can’t watch chronologically.  I want to watch everything, from all orgs, in timeline fashion.  Luckily, I’m resourceful and have found a fix, although it requires some work.  Check out the WWE Network timeline page on Reddit.  Then add the shows in timeline order to your watch list.  I’m currently at the end of Raw 30, at the Summerslam for that year.

I started looking around the promo office at work and noticed all the memorabilia I’ve been given features dead guys! I’ve got the Mr. Perfect figure (cocaine intoxication), the Macho Man CD (heart attack while driving), and the Paul Bearer promo photo (Myocardial infarction).  Who’s your favorite in-ring performer, current or all-time?  Let me know, [email protected].


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