Maybe mindfulness means nothing? Perhaps meditating makes you miserable? Is it useless?

Now, with most studies of this sort, some people will say bullshit.  And those people calling bullshit are right.  If meditation works for you and it makes you less of a miserable prick, then by all means, please keep meditating!  Here’s the thing… it’s all about tricking yourself into believing it works!  The Daily Mail has a story about how meditating can be bad thing;

Meditation DOESN’T make you a calmer person: Buddhist practice leaves people just as aggressive and prejudiced, reveals study.  Meditation has long been touted as being able to make the world a better place, but new research suggests this widely-held theory may actually just be a myth.  A team of scientists have found it does not make people more compassionate.

If you are meditating, you may have discovered things about yourself you don’t like and are trying to change. Keep trying to change those things. Don’t let this limey rag tell you what to do!

Are you ‘mindful’?  Do you meditate?  Let me know about your experience, [email protected].


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