Beartooth was begun working on a new album, the follow-up to 2016’s Aggressive. According to frontman Caleb Shomo, the band’s next offering will be “way more personal” than its predecessor. This video is a 2016 #Studioeast Session.

“I’ve written some songs that I’m kinda scared to release because they’re really f***ing dark!” Shomo tells Rock Sound. “But here’s the reality. When I started Beartooth I told myself, ‘This is my therapy, this is how I deal with my life — writing these songs and putting every bit of honest emotion into it, regardless of who hears it.”

“I’m definitely going more raw and internal and intense,” he adds.

Beartooth has one song finished for the new album, which Shomo says is “some of the best melodic stuff I’ve ever written.”

“But there is some heavy stuff coming,” he says. “I’ve been listening to a ton of metal and a ton of aggro music so I’m going to try and really bring it back.”

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