I can see Trent Reznor releasing a new album, playable on only on this format…

What you see here is a mini bluetooth record player, that plays by driving on the album.  It’s a Youtube review from Techmoan.

From the RokBlok website, more info about this REAL product;

Rock out to your favorite records with RokBlok’s built-in speaker, or wirelessly send your music to any Bluetooth device for an even bigger sound.

Measuring only 4 X 2 inches long, you can use RokBlok to listen to your favorite records anywhere you can find a flat surface.

Using RokBlok is as easy as “Place & Play”. Simply place RokBlok on a record, and raise the control lever to start playing

Seems kinda silly, but folks with money gotta spend it on something! Do you deal in vinyl?  Got a collection?  More importantly, what do they play on?  Let me know, [email protected].

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