Not just for Musketeers, this saying epitomizes the ideals we should have for all our interactions with our fellow man. Not always the case these days but every now and then there is a glimmer of hope.

In  this particular instance it’s the coming together of the rock community to help the family of Mike and Racheal Walker. Mike was the drummer from the band Aranda and he and his wife were allegedly shot and killed by their 19 year old son this past Monday. You can check out the whole article HERE! (As of this posting this is the most current report)

The family has put together a GoFundMe to help cover the costs of the funeral and care of the 17 year old son. Every little bit helps. If you can give please do, if not please share the GoFundMe. You can find that information HERE!

Remember to hug your loved ones a little tighter. Say I love you a little more freely! Be kinder to strangers. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Make the most of today!

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