95 WIIL Rock – Cabin Fever Getaway 2021 – SAVE THE DATE!

95 WIIL Rock’s Cabin Fever Getaway 2021 with Travel Leaders – Discovery World Travel. Save the Date on your calendars and schedule time off with the boss for January 17-24, 2021 for this year’s trip. After the last seven months of 2020, we all know a vacation is just what is needed for some relaxation, pool, beach, laughs with fellow WIIL Rockers and LOTS OF REFRESHMENTS! More details for 95 WIIL Rock’s Cabin Fever Getaway 2021 is coming soon! Sign up now for the no obligation 95 WIIL Rock CFG Early Byrd. You will be first to get all the trip info, and first crack at signing up for CFG 2021.

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