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Liquid Death has responded to a social media trend of people snorting ‘Death Dust’ (which happens to be an electrolyte drink mix), with a new video featuring Ozzy titled “Ozzy Osbourne Warns Kids Not To Snort Liquid Death”. The metal legend praised the brand for making hydration enjoyable but cautioned against misusing their products. Osbourne emphasized the importance of consuming Liquid Death responsibly, urging viewers not to snort or inject it.

Former Type O Negative drummer recently revealed in an interview that him and his old bandmates just recently went into the studio with Blsck Sabbath’s Bill Ward to record a tribute song to Type O’s late singer Peter Steele, who passed away from heart failure at the age of 48 back in 2010.

Shifty Shellshock, known as the frontman for Crazy Town, has passed away at the age of 49. The artist, whose real name is Seth Binzer, was discovered deceased at his residence in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles medical examiner has confirmed his death, though the cause has not been disclosed. Shellshock has been known to battle alcohol and drug use over the years.